Police Rapid Deployment CCTV Trailer

The object of the trailer is to provide a mobile incident room and CCTV solution enabling the Police to extend support and CCTV coverage to remote areas around Lancashire.

The trailer has the ability to adapt CCTV products for the environment it will be used in such as number plate recognition, preset telemetry tours using dome systems or local proximity static cameras.

The trailer has six 100-amp hour Gel batteries connected in parallel and wired into two separate banks using a marine isolator switch. The isolator switch enables single or dual banks to run simultaneously. The Gel batteries are particularly suited for sensitive loads such as inverters. The battery “holds up" the voltage for longer giving greater usable capacity.

The installed 12-volt 600Watts / 230VAC pure sine wave inverter provides power to the LookC 4x4 CCTV system, telemetry controller and cameras proving around 24hours of operation per battery bank.

A compact 12-volt 20Amp charger, charges each bank in parallel taking around 8 hours per bank to complete.

The camera system can be deployed up to 12 meters using a P4 Clark Mast and 12 volt compressor with hand air-operated control.

The mast system also lends it self for extending radio coverage.

Rent the 4 X 4 rapid deployment CCTV service enabling the construction industry to protect building materials installed in conjunction with tower lights powered by diesel generators.

This solution also enables nature reserves to view wild life from the comfort of a portable bird hide.