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Cheshire based CCTV Internet specialists, Advanced Video CCTV Surveillance with high definition IP solutions deployed with the benefits of distributed Wi-Fi, layered networks, edge storage and IP switching with the ability to view the CCTV footage over the Internet with alarm images sent to your mobile via email.

Facial Recognition Deep Learning , businesses now have the power to control access to entry points with an identity library based on face recognition. Once a person’s face is saved to your ‘blacklist’ or VIP ‘whitelist’ library, entry gates can be triggered to allow or deny access. The system can also be set to trigger an alarm for faces not recorded in the library, in order to prevent stranger intrusions.

Thermal cameras can monitor temperatures of specified objects; if temperatures exceed or fall below a certain limit, an alarm will be triggered. They can also track highlighted temperature-spans in an image through isothermal palettes. This enables an interpretation of events in a scene. Thermal cameras are the ideal choice for the prevention of fires, equipment over-heating, damage caused by freezing, and many other hazards.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) can be used for access control, controlling gates, barriers


Body worn cameras for ambulance and fire crews are helping prevent attacks on paramedics and firemen,

Body Worn Video provides video evidence increasing any offence being brought to justice.

People Counting, If you're in retail, tourism, transport, entertainment, leisure or any service that receives people on-site then you'll benefit from access to accurate people counting data.

Three intelligent functions for retail, people-counting to track customer traffic and volume, heat mapping to know the popularity of goods in the shopping area, and queue detection to monitor the queuing situation in real-time.

VMS IP Surveillance Made Simple with NX Witness VMS an open IP video managemebnt system designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras as well as intergrate with 3rd party systems, access control etc.

  • Cloud Enabled
  • Smart Video Search
  • Video Analytics
  • Automatic Failover
  • One Click Upgrades
  • Play Offline Media
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Recordings
  • No Support Fees
  • Free Live Streaming

ConsultNet can provide HD High Definition 1080p CCTV over Analog, just replace your existing old systems with a new HD over Analog system use your existing cameras and replace old cameras for new 1080p 2MP Cameras with up to 500meters HD transmission via coaxial cable and see the difference.  Users can now capture 1080p resolution video using the same RG59 coaxial cable that is used by traditional CCTV cameras.

We also Implement smart IP surveillance solutions, such as virtual tripwires, object counting, object leaving, region entering and leaving, target cropping, face recognition, people courting, ANPR automatic number plate recognition, PTZ smart tracking, thermal imaging,heat mapping for retail shop floors etc.

ConsultNet are able to preserve your existing investment by sending IP over Coax or the use of Video Encoders to migrate analogue cameras to IP, ideal solution for Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras by integrating the PTZ control into a distributed managed IP solution.

By Using IP it allows for simplified installation of power, audio and video over industry standard platforms, the ability to build a scalable solution over large areas with distributed management.

Network monitoring can be brought in house by complementing the solution with virtual tripwires, sensors, voice, email notification, intelligent search, remote viewing over the Internet on computers, smart phones and pads.

Video Management software (VMS) allows up to 64 cameras to be viewed over dual monitors, simultaneous recording, playback and live view, save video files as AVI or ASF, e-map visualises camera placements and fields of views over a large distributed sites, auto patrol, motion detection.

Small IP solutions for home and small businesses can also be provided.

HD IP 180° wall mounted or 360° degree ceiling cameras ideal for small shops without blind spots 

A single Megapixel IP Cameras can replace several analogue cameras as high definition IP Megapixel Resolution is far superior to analogue D1.

The Future of CCTV has arrived with high definition HD 1080p CCTV & 4K CCTV recording  crystal clear images.

  • 1080p Resolution – 1920×1080 Pixel Images, 2.1 Megapixels, 16:9 Ratio Vertical Resolution
  • 4K Resolution – 3840×2160 Pixel Images, 8.3 Megapixels, 16:9 Ratio Horizontal Resolution

4K CCTV resolution has arrived ideal for large areas, football and rugby venues, sports stadiums.

HIKVision iVMS-4200 CCTV management software, the picture represents a video wall of live CCTV footage of four remote sites demonstrating the ability to manage multiple CCTV systems remotely.

The video surveillance world is moving from analogue to IP. More and more users are looking for an IP-based solution to take advantage of higher resolution video, greater intelligence and flexibility through ease of installation.

Digital IP technology has revolutionized the physical security industry. Video IP surveillance was once affordable only to large enterprises, the lower cost of IP bandwidth and storage has made video capture and storage over IP networks faster, simpler, and more affordable, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can run and prices for IP video cameras and recording devices have fallen dramatically. So, as a result, IP surveillance is a viable choice for organizations such as schools, public libraries, hotels and small factories or plants can now implement comprehensive video surveillance with video analytics.

Jack Richards road transport haulage business we provided an ANPR automated access control system for their site entrance and exit at Northwich as well as eighteen HD CCTV IP cameras covering the fuel tank and lorry parks around the site.

HD CCTV IP camera installation protecting high value vehicles at Christopher Neil Lotus, Morgan Caterham TVR and Mazda dealership with offsite monitoring and audio interaction for any out of hours movement around the site when virtual tripwires and IP passive infrared sensor are activated.

HD CCTV IP camera installation Oakmere Toyota with offsite monitoring and audio interaction for any out of hours movement around the site when virtual tripwires are activated. To provide power and connectivity for the IP cameras on the remote poles we utilised the Veracity power over Coax equipment using the existing Coax.

HD CCTV IP Camera installation for a large commercial estate in Middlewich monitoring access on and around the site. PC monitoring video wall software setup and provided at the gate house, with email eventing using a virtual tripwire A > B as traffic arrived on site. Wi Fi bridging equipment was used to link between the buildings.

HD CCTV installtion Pig Farm monitoring farm perimeter and animal welfare.
HD CCTV installtion for Onfab containment specialists for thier offices and remote workshops with the cameras monitored using PC monitoring video wall software.

HD IP CCTV Installation for Somerford Equipment road marking vehicles manufacturer who required perimeter protection, monitoring of vehicle movements, workshop coverage.

HD CCTV upgrade to the Nisa Stores Speke and Woolton stores providing Heat Mapping quickly identify volume of store activity, store hot spots, dead areas, people counting, EPOS integration and face recognition with full screen eventing on known shoplifters.
High Street configuration static HD High Definition 3MP Bullet cameras complemented with LigoWave wireless bridge for the transmission of 4x CCTV cameras with a link path of 100ft in line of sight.
Benson Products ANPR system provided a HIKVision ANPR “Automatic Number Plate Recognition” system to monitor lorries arriving and leaving the site, they can search for a plate between a date range and pictures will be displayed with dates and times that vehicle was recorded. You can create a white list of plates which are good and open the gate and a black list of plates which will email when seen.
RingWood Fencing provided a HIKVision 8 channel HD over coax Turbo 4 TB system with four 2MP HD analog cameras upgrading the old analog CCTV system to High cameras using the existing coax cabling with two HD monitors with the second monitor 30 meters away extended over CAT5 to large 32” HD monitor.
ElectraFence Ltd provided a HIKVision 16 channel 8 TB IP NVR with six High definition IP 2MP cameras configured for motion detection, complemented the system with an out of hours’ bidirectional virtual trip wire at the entrance sending emails with images attached also switching to full screen during the day on a large 40” HD monitor.

Milstone video management software (VMS) has the ability to monitor CCTV cameras with event driven management using virtual tripwires, analytical search functions, Web Client, Mobile app with video push for first responders, Interactive maps verifying camera placements, also inconspicuous screen recorder monitoring Windows based computer and EPOS tills screen images.

Knutsford Dry Cleaners

Knutsford Dry Cleaners needed a simple CCTV solution to monitor the shop front and the till this was achieved by installing a single 2-Megapixel Panoramic Wireless Cloud Camera 360 degree HD 1080p fish eye celling mounted camera configured to record video and audio on motion to a 2 TB network video recorder with an locally attached HDMI monitor.

Timco Midwood wholesaler of screws, fasteners, fixings, nails and power tool accessories. ConsultNet supplied thirteen D-Link 1080p high definition IP CCTV cameras across a large distributed warehouse system with distributed networked NAS drives streaming video over a layered gigabit POE fibre network, isolating   the video network bandwidth from their day to day data network.

Advanced Medical Solutions provided a HIKVision 32 channel 16TB scalable Hybrid HD Analog and IP High definition CCTV system with IP PTZ and static cameras complemented with the IVMS 4200 Video wall management software.

Tripak Services Ltd provided HD IP CCTV cameras monitoring plant room critical manufacturing and sensitive equipment, new warehouse, entrance, loading bays with remote access provided to Cheshire Fire Brigade.

H.W. Coates' warehousing and transport of hazardous chemicals specialists, supplied High Definition 1080p distributed CCTV over 450 meters of fiber optic with the ability to view the cameras over the Internet.  

Recent installation of ATEX CCTV cameras into ATEX compliant warehousing.

FRANK MARSHALL’s Auction rooms Knutsford a 32 camera system installed at Frank Marshall’s Knutsford auction rooms with a number of static and PTZ cameras installed recording at Hd 1080P resolution at 25fps with support for remote viewing on iPads and iPhones.

16 camera system installed at Frank Marshall’s cattle market Chelford with a number of static and PTZ cameras installed recording at HD 1080P resolution at 25fps with support for remote viewing on iPads and iPhones.

UK Container Maintenance supplied a residential and commercial CCTV systems with static and PTZ cameras enabling remote viewing on iPad and IPhones also supplied and fitted a digital time attendance system linked to Sage Payroll with an automated 100 decibel sounder programmed for start of day, brake times, and end of day.

Sparrow Hawk Island This CCTV system uses the latest video streaming technology enabling enabling wildlife to be viewed over the Internet in real time Sparrow Hawk Web Cam

Environmental Agency IP HD CCTV cameras located in harsh environments to monitor bridge trash debris screens uploading a daily image to the Internet and referenced by an edited Google my map service the camera is powered via a battery, solar panel and connects to the internet using  a G3 router.

 Preston NHS and Cheshire NHS Trusts required a CCTV solutions providing a secure work place for staff and patients which can be access over the Internet remotely by staff, police with improved support services from Cheshire CCTV.
 ATKINS GLOBAL HIGHWAYS SOMERSET PROJECT needed a proactive event driven CCTV solution with access control which can be viewed and controlled over the Internet for six Council depots throughout Somerset.

Also GSM dialup services to a remote rural location, With power provided by a 400 watt wind turbine and two 100amp batteries mounted on a 9 meter tilt down Alton pole and road side enclosure.

Ideal for rapid deployment to monitor traffic flows through road works and traffic light timings during peek periods.

Lancashire Constabulary needed a cost effect CCTV solution providing lots of local coverage, covering shop windows, pubs and take always reducing the cost of employing staff, using control rooms and expensive PTZ cameras looking the wrong way .

POLICE RAPID DEPLOYMENT CCTV TRAILER The object of the trailer is to provide a mobile incident room and CCTV solution enabling the Police to extend support and CCTV coverage to remote areas around Lancashire.


Adullam Homes Housing Association is one of the foremost specialist providers of accommodation and support services for people who are unable to obtain or maintain adequate housing contracted ConsultNet to provide web based CCTV and access control.

 North British Housing Housing Association

NBH (North British Housing) is one of the country’s leading housing associations and has contracted ConsultNet to provide web based CCTV for eight housing areas around Preston.


CCTV solutions to view wildlife over the Internet to view Grey Herons, Kestrels, Barn Owls and Kingfishers. ConsultNet provided wildlife CCTV solution at Oxmore, Hale Duck decoy, Wig Island and Pickering Pastures enabling schools and wildlife enthusiasts view wildlife over the Internet.

Internet CCTV for children’s nurseries allows parents to securely view their youngsters at play “This has been a huge hit for the nursery reassuring anxious parents that their children are happy in the most direct way possible”

CCTV and Secure Access Control dual door entry system for the staff and residents who were able to come and go at their leisure and use video / audio door entry phones to interact with visitors and control access into the building remotely. Added value by connecting the video entry camera system into the CCTV system providing video evidence of visitors arriving to the property.
CCTV FOR GARDEN CENTRE's Fryer's Rose Nursery & Garden Centre needed to replace their video CCTV system for a modern digital system that can be viewed over the Internet and maximising our support services.
CCTV FOR WINE BARS NIGHT CLUBS and PUBS We have provided Internet CCTV for a number of Bars and Pubs acting as a deterrent, monitoring tills, watching for drinks being spiked etc for the Newz Bar Liverpool, The Belle Epoque Knutsford. Burton Pub Crewe, The Dunham Arms Helsby, The Cat Ellesmere Port, The Crown Whitchurch

Frodsham Golf Club needed a CCTV system to monitor its car parks, kitchen, bar and till areas and the 1st tee.

BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT ACCESS CONTROL Hi-tech 'bouncer' for Pubs and nightclubs under-age drinkers who try to get into nightclubs will be literally "under the thumb" thanks to Biometric fingerprint access control this is nightclubbing 21st century-style.

RAPID DEPLOYMENT WIRLESS GSM CCTV Environmental Agencies, Police and Local authorities can benefit from wireless CCTV, combined with GSM mobile telecommunications ideal for fly tipping monitoring. Simply dial into the Wirless CCTV unit and view live or recorded digital footage – it’s that simple!

CCTV RENTAL HIRE SERVICE Short-term rental is thus often the best option if you want to use covert CCTV, and we can provide all types of hidden cameras, wired and wireless, installed in or out of working hours. Protect building materials using CCTV mounted on tower lights powered by diesel generators.

CCTV EPOS SOLUTION enables managers to view the day’s total transactions remotely and by operator, cross referencing any void or all transactions with video. All transactions can be downloaded into a CSV file and imported into Excel.

INTERNET CCTV FOR DOG KENNELS AND STABLES provides owners with more reassurance when leaving your loved ones alone or going on holiday.

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  • Security CCTV: to prevent theft, violence and other crime.
  • Health and safety CCTV: to check that health and safety rules are being complied with
  • Protecting business interests: e.g. to prevent misconduct.
  • Assessing and improving productivity
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations:
  • Training CCTV used to monitor how individuals are accessed.
  • CCTV Monitoring of plant room critical manufacturing and sensitive environments, .
  • CCTV Interview Rooms.” Recordings can be played back in another room with audio”
  • Wildlife CCTV with hosted streaming services for live feeds over the Internet.
  • CCTV Webcams for websites to view weather conditions and environments.
  • CCTV for cells and detention rooms.
  • CCTV digital time attendance solution linked to Sage PayRole
  • CCTV Fly Tipping.
  • CCTV ANPR Automatic number plate recognition access control and eventing
  • CCTV Face recognition access control and eventing
  • CCTV Traffic Counting
  • CCTV EPOS till transactions
  • CCTV access control
  • Covert CCTV solutions

CCTV recently installed at The Cat in Ellesmere Port, covering the tills, bars and entrances. Read more

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Lancashire Constabulary

ConsultNet has installed several CCTV systems for Lancashire Constabulary in Preston which is used remotely over the internet on a daily basis in the detection of a wide variety of crimes and disorder. To date the systems have been used to detect such diverse crimes from armed robbery, serious assault, criminal damage and anti-social behaviour with the images being used for identification and successful court prosecutions. PS Bridgeworth

Police Testimonial on CCTV Services Provided


ConsultNet had an instant and instinctive grasp of my CCTV installation needs in this area. He was able to home in on my requirements and adopted a balanced and perceptive view of what suited me. He was also able to translate his advice into plain English – a gift for any professional. Dave Holman

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